War memorial dharamshala

Among many places to see in picturesque Dharamshala, War memorial i.e “Sahid Smark” is famous for its beauty and for proudly commemorating the memory of the war heroes who fought bravely for their motherland and sacrificed their lives to save its people and respect. This War Memorial was built as a tribute to the brave Indian soldiers who fought for their country. This place is very calm and is surrounded by a lots of different trees and pines.

To reach War Memorial is pretty easy.The memorial is situated near the entry point to Dharamshala, as we are about to reach Dharamshala from Kangra or Gaggal airport, we find war memorial as a first place to see in Dharamshala. We can locate War Memorial about 1 km before Dharamshala main bus stand on the main highway.

As we can see in the pictures that war memorial is very beautiful place featuring gardens, flowers and lots of pines all around the place. This place offers a very enjoyable and relaxing walk through pine forest. Inside the war memorial, we find a very big  map of India which is made up of rounded stones and each state is made of different colored stones. We also find a beautiful pond which is surrounded by red and white colored natural stones.

The main attraction of this war memorial is this very big wall displaying the names of the martyrs who fought for their country. On the back side of the war memorial, we have a natural rivulet flowing  whose sound is very charming and the whole visit gives a very calm reprise. There also many prototypes of weapons of the Indian Defense Services, which makes us feel proud our country.

There is a very beautiful pedestrian path all around the war memorial, made with stones and wood. We also find a children park and also an auditorium with the capacity of 500 people. There are benches at many places inside the memorial where people sit for hours enjoying tranquility  and calmness of the nature.

Near this beautiful memorial, we can also visit the Govt. Degree College made during the British Era. We also have a Cafe near the Memorial serving Beverages and fast food.

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