Pong lake and wildlife sanctury

The Pong dam is also known as Beas dam, is an earth-fill embankment dam on the Beas River just upstream of Talwara in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is also Named as Maharana Pratap Sagar Dam. The purpose of the dam is water storage for irrigation and hydroelectric power generation. The closest railway stations to the project are Mukerian, at 30 km (18.6 mi), and Pathankot, at 32 km (19.9 mi). Nagrota Surian and Jawali, located on the periphery of the reservoir, are connected by a narrow gauge railway line, on the Kangra railway line, which connects Pathankot to Jogindernagar.
The reservoir is connected by a good network of roads to major cities in Himachal Pradesh and Punjab
The wetland was very fertile land before submergence in water in 1975 due to the upcoming of dam on river Beas. The people had large land holdings and being situated on the bank of the river Beas had fertile soil because in the monsoon season fresh alluvial soil had been depositing there. The people were mostly agrarian except a few one in Govt. jobs. They grew vegetables, wheat, maize, paddy, pulses, oil seeds crops etc. Consequent to submergence, many people were shifted to Rajasthan (Anupgarh) but very few settled there and returned. Most of them have now resorted to cultivation around the fringe of the lake that is acquired by Bakara Beas Management Board (BBMB).
There is a good road network of roads around the wetland. Dehra – Pathankot road on the left bank and Dehra- Jawali-Nurpur on the right bank run more or less adjacent to the shoreline. The right bank of the lake is connected with JoginderNagar – pathankot railway line . The nearest airport is at Gaggal and Jammu about 40 and 115 Kms from N/Suriyan. The climate of the region is sub- tropical.. Summer season extends from mid of March to mid of July and the Monsoon starts from mid of July to Mid of September. The winter is mild and starts from Mid of December till mid of March. The maximum temperature goes up to 45 Deg. Centigrade, whereas the minimum temperature recorded is 3.5 deg centigrade in winters. The rainfall, however is generally heavier and continuous from July onwards till September. Annual average rainfall during the last five years is 1207 mm.

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