Tatwani hot spring kangra

When in Dharamshala, one must take time to visit the remote  Tatwani, where the hot springs are found. To the great expanse of shrubs and trees, fields of pot plants hemmed in by the surrounding wooded hills and in the distance, the Dhauladhar Mountains Mcleodganj.

One can hire a vehicle to reach tatwani as it is about 35km form Dharamshala, it is accessible by road, but people also like visiting this place leaving their vehicle behind and trekking for about 1km. After crossing the river the road would descend the rocky path down the side of a hill, to emerge in a valley which would seem to take you into a different world, into prehistoric times. Once you cross the river, where a section of the temple, has been built around the spring itself, and where it’s continual warm outpouring of water has been made to flow from a ornately sculpted faucet, and into the deep stone bath.

This place is known for the Shiva temple and the hot water springs pond. This place has a magical aroma with calmness and tranquility. You can have a rejuvenating bath for hours in the hot water pond (hot sulphur water). It is very relaxing and and you will have a feeling of a jacuzzi. Men can bathe in the main part of the baths, but women have a closed off little side room to allow females bath comfortably. This place is also good for the people who want to swim in cold water, this pleasant place to swim is in the nearby river. It’s reasonably shallow and the water is crystal clear. There’s a beautiful large painting of Green Tara on the side of a rock and nearby is a small hut where a lovely chap can make you a chai.

There is a local cafe, who provides food and rooms to people who come here. one can also buy other eatables like cookies, chips, beverages etc.

Article by W3monks

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