Bhagsunag Waterfall Mcleodganj

Just about a km walk from the temple are the Bhagsu waterfalls. They are not the very huge ones but have historical significance, very beautiful, makes you relax and chill and are considered to be among the top 20 must visit waterfalls in India. An evening stroll to this place before heading to the market would be a perfect end to a day at McLeod Ganj. You can cover this trek only on foot as there is no motorable road. One can get to the waterfall in Bhagsu by taking Bhagsu Road east from the main square in McLeod Ganj. Walk through the Bhagsu village, past the swimming pool, and then follow signs to the start of the stairs leading up to the waterfalls.

You’ll find plenty of outdoor cafes for taking breaks as you wind up the steep stairs to the scenic falls.

During the rule of Raja Bhagsu there was once a severe drought in his capital. The native chiefs requested the king to try and do something about it otherwise the folks would depart his kingdom. The king agreed to try and do whatever was possible and started out the journey himself in search of water. After three days of continuous and hectic journey in search of water , he reached the Sacred Nag dal (Lake) at a height of 18000ft. This lake was extremely large and had plenty of water. Raja Bhagsu used trickery to fill the water of the lake into a tiny vessel. He made up his mind to stay there for that night , because by the time it had grown dark. Later in the night Nag the Lord of Snakes happened to pass by the lake and was perturbed & dismayed after seeing the lake with no water. Following the traces of foots he reached the spot wherever Raja Bhagsu was sleeping. He invited Bhagsu for a duel and defeated him in the duel fight. The instant the vessel containing the sacred water fell on the earth water started flowing from there. Intensively wounded Raja Bhagsu prayed to Nag to forgive him. After hearing the apology and prayer , Nag’s heart melted granted him a boon that this place shall henceforward be referred initially by the kings name and then by the Lords name and he would become very poular. Since then this place came to be referred to as “Bhagsu Nag”. With the starting of the Kalyug Raja Dharamchand dreamt that lord Shiva asked him to construct a temple here to bring prosperity to the realm. Now it has been 5100 years since this temple was engineered.

These days a small swimming pool has been constructed beside the temple. A lot of tourists and locals enjoy the bath at swimming pool.

How to reach

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