Indru-Nag Hill Mcleodganj

Indrunag is a temple (at altitude 2000 m) constructed by the villagers of the surrounding areas , dedicated to god of snake or god of rains . This place has a very magical touch of pines and cedars together. The sunset over the horizon is a real splendid to watch, its rays when fall over the Pong lake creates an awesome view and the water looks like gold. Para gliding activity is also conducted at this place. There is a café here where you can enjoy beverages and fast food.
People believe that Indru-Nag has been protecting them for a long time and will continue to do so if they will keep offering the prayers for the Indrunag . Indrunag is the god who controls the rain. So people offer prayers to the Indru Nag and they strongly believe that this God saves them from the natural calamities, especially heavy rains.
Whenever there are cricket matches local cricket association also arrange the prayers for Indrunag , so that cricket match don’t get interrupted or abandoned due to the rains.
The temple has been built at the top of the hill from where you can have the panoramic view of whole dharamshala and the Kangra valley. In day time you’ll see all the houses in different combination of colors, some are green and some are red. HPCA Cricket Stadium is also visible from here. Like Naddi you can also enjoy the sunset from Indrunag and when the sun is setting, you can see the whole of Dharamshala glowing in golden rays, this view is really beautiful and you’ll want to enjoy it for hours. That’s why it ranks among top positions in the list of places to visit at Dharamshala.
There are some cafes as well as budget hotels here where you can spend the night if you want. Hotel Asian Plaza provides special arrangements for tourists who want to visit the Indru Nag, as it is only 2km from Hotel Asian Plaza.
You can enjoy trekking as well as paragliding here at Indrunag . You can also trek to Triund from here which is considered to be easier track then other tracks.
How to reach:
You can stay in Dharamshala at Asian Plaza one of the best budget hotels in Dharamshala with all the luxurious facilities. From there it’s just 2 km trek on foot and you can hire a taxi from you hotel or hire bikes.
Enjoy your trip to Indrunag and stay in Dharamshala

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