Tashi Jong Monastery

Tashi Jong is a Tibetan Craft Community rather than a Monastry in palampur a small township, in Kangra District of the state Himachal Pradesh in North West India. This settlement was started by the late eighth Khamtrul Dongyu Nyima Rinpoche t in the late sixties .Khamtrul Rimpoche has to take refuge in india after there homeland was invaded by china in late fifties. He stayed for some years at at Zangdogpali in Kalimpong, a while in Banuri, and a number of years in Dalhousie. And then Khamtrul Rimpoche purchased the Tashi Jong Land with economic aid from foreign . Then he rebuild the Khampagar cloister and retreat center.

This monastery depicts structures at totally different levels. There a learning centre for freshers and a Tibetan food centre.Tthe most shrine is placed on a high platform at the end of a garden.   It ‘s round in shape roofs with red and golden color ornamentation portrays prayer flags that waves with the gentle wind. A thick loom like stupa, that is typical among Buddhist shrines, adds to the beauty of the garden. Secondary prayer halls where the monks perform their routine prayers flank the garden.

Apart from its spiritual significance, the cloister holds a wonderful craft sales outlet wherever one will get exquisite Tibetan artifacts. This is one of the most tempting sites in Palampur.This cloister offers the imposing scenery of the Kangra natural depression and the localsurroundings. Its serene and tranquil ambiance makes each traveler forget all the hustle and bustle of the day to day life. Don’t miss to go to this holy abode of Buddha!

How to Reach:

By Road :You can take bus or drive your own vehicle from delhi to palmpur via chandigarh

Flight: You can take a flight from Delhi to Gaggal Airport .Then by road its 36 Kms .


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