Mcleodganj and the spirituality

What better way of experiencing spirituality in India than the home of His Holiness Dalai Lama and under the calmness of the scrumptious Dhauladhars? On one side, Mcleodganj tells you the Tibet’s long struggle for freedom and the spiritual belief. On the other, you meet the mighty Himalayas in their snow-capped glory. And this is the most interesting part, when you make your connection with the Buddhist monks, their conviction, their philosophy, and their way of life. If you seek a balanced introduction to spirituality in India, you’ll find it here. When you arrive at Mcleod Ganj, a peaceful mountain town (in India’s standards), and the administrative centre of old Tibet, you will find ample space and tranquil to color yourself in the process of spiritual rejuvenation.

We can not achieve world peace, without first achieving peace within ourselves INNER PEACE. In an atmosphere of hatred, anger, competition and violence, No lasting peace can be achieved. These negative and destructive forces must be overcome by Compassion, Love and Altruism which are essential teaching of the BUDDHA Tenzin Gyatso (H.H. XIVth Dalai Lama).

Blessed with the presence of his holiness Dalai Lama and very calm environment by Teachings of LORD BUDDHA, Dharamshala is a name or better a destination synonymous with peace, spirituality and also great food. Situated in Kangra valley-Himachal Pradesh and untouched by rampant commercialization, this is one of the places which we often see on Television, hear in news and every time crave for going there.

The streets are crowded with travelers who come to breathe Buddhism and peace. Tibetan Monks in red robes are slowly making their way around beeping cars, Indian shopkeepers sitting outside their shops staring down western women, monkeys are hanging on telephone and electricity wires, fazed out dogs are sleeping near piles of garbage. And you’ll still be very happy to visit this amazing place.

Besides socializing, You can still have a spiritual journey to experience, so expose yourself to a few courses being held on a regular basis in McLeod. One of them is a Reiki course with a wonderful young teacher which turned out to be quite a memorable experience. It was just amazing to feel the energy inside and outside my body so strongly. In some stage during the course I felt my hands burning from warmth. If I had doubts about channelling energy, they vanished then and there.

Article by W3monks

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