Meditation and Yoga in Mcleodganj

A lot of people come up to McLeodGanj to enroll themselves at one of the many meditation centres. The peace and quiet coupled with the inherent spirituality of the place makes it an ideal retreat for people trying to find their Zen. Though there are many places to find yoga classes or teacher training courses in McLeod Ganj and in all Dharamsala really, but the “Om Yoga Meditation Centre” is the best price.

Honestly, doing yoga and meditation everyday is one of the best things here in the field. It’ll surely help you with the rejuvenation of body and also my mind, and it will give you more energy and optimism for your life, giving something concrete to look forward to each day. Right now I feel like a cripple on account of being the opposite of flexible, but I am looking forward to getting better and better each day. You’ll know how long it takes to improve flexibility, or different techniques that help get you there faster. yoga and meditation is always the best thing to do in the Mcleodganj and to find peace with your mind and body.

Article by W3monks

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