Attractions, Activities & Sightseeing near Dharamshala

palampur and its special attractions

Palampur is a beautiful hill station located at 32.12°N 76.53°E at a height of 1,220 meters above sea level in kangra valley of himachal pradesh amid lush green tea gardens and pine forests along with the snow capped Dhauladhar ranges. Beside the beautiful scenery this place has soothing weather conditions due to propinquity of lot of water rivulets and mountains, which makes it a heaven for the tourists and the tea capital of North West India. Every time you visit the place it you gasp due the unbelivable view .

Name of Palampur comes from the local word pulum which means abundant water . Number of streams and runlets criss-cross the landscape . Beside stands the mighty Dhauladhars painted white due to snow for almost of the year. You can enjoy music of the nature while taking stroll on roads covered with the red carpet of the dry pine leaves . At every criss-cross of the road you will find yourself confused , where to go next , for every road looks more beautiful than the other . Where ever you go, you will feel that the place is getting more and more beautiful. But this is not it , there are lot of places to visit and chill out and relax in the lap of the nature.

Places to visit near by:-

1) Neugal Cafe – Most famous spot of the palampur among the locals, where you can enjoy the food along with the awesome view of Dhauladhar ranges.
2) Sourabh Van Vihar is another nice place with a green park,small lake & neugal rivulet near by where you can relax and rejuvenate
3) Andretta: The charming village, spread below the thickly wooded hill and sprawling plains of the Kangra Valley was once the home of the famous painter Sardar Sobha Singh and the playwright Ms Norah Richards. Now Andretta is a centre for various artistic activities such as pottery and is just 13-km away from Palampur.
4) Dhauladhar Nature Park at Gopalpur just 12 km from palampur.
5) Temple of Bundelmata: Walk through tea gardens and open fields or drive to reach this temple built about 500 years ago.
6) Famous Devi Latti Jakhni’s temple situated at the top of Chandpur village is a place to feel the beauty of Dhauladhar from very close
7) Chamunda Devi: The famous temple dedicated to the goddess Chamunda is 25-kms away from Plampur and Yatri Niwas here provides an excellent accommodation for the visitors.
8) Baijnath: Noted for it’s ancient temple, which was built in 804 A.D. and dedicated to Shiva Vaidyanatha.
9) Bir and Billing: Sheltered by the mountains and surrounded by tea gardens, Bir serves as a landing ground for hang & Para gliders as well as known for it’s Buddhist monasteries and Tibetan handicrafts.

10) Tashi Jong Monastory-Tibetean Craft Community.