Treking to the Triund and Ilaka

Majestic Dhauladhar mountains call out to you. Set out on this exciting trek Triund and Ilaka and you will not be disappointed. On the enthralling 9 km trek you will cross the rugged villages of Rakkar and Dharamkot besides the craggy walking trails and the kangra valley below. Stop for a delicious plate of maggie to have instant energy and a steaming cup of tea at the roadside dhabbas. The trek to the peak is certainly worth all the effort as you are abound to experience the pure essence of nature and the beautiful Dhauladhar. Offering you a gorgeous view of the entire range and the deep kangra valley below, Triund is surrounded in surreal and breathtaking beauty which will force you to fall in love with the . Once at the top, you can catch a glimpse of snow covered peaks against the backdrop of clear blue skies. There are small eateries where you can enjoy delicious maggie, pakora and hot cups of steaming tea. If you’d like to stay back and enjoy the serenity, there are small campsites at the top, you can plan a camp night amongst the wonders of nature. The trek takes upto 8 hours and is slightly strenuous. Make sure to carry a warm jacket, a umbrella or a raincoat for unpredictable rains showers.

Article by W3monks

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