Trekking & adventure in Dharamshala

As we know Dharamshala is located near the mountain range of Dhauladhars (Himalayas), so it has many beautiful peaks and mountains which pull everyone towards them. Dharamshala is a very cool location for adventure sports, especially trekking and paragliding. This place is a boon to adventure freaks. There are many trekking trails in and around Dharamshala and awesome trekking places like Triund, kareri Village and Kareri Lake, Ilaka, Himani Chamunda, Rising Star, Moonpeak etc. Once you go for trekking you come to see the lush green nature of dhalaudhar and the Kangra valley. Some of the trails are very adventurous and very challanging like Dharamshala to Chamba via Kareri Lake, Dharamshala to Kullu through Sari pass is also a real adventure, local trails like Dharamshala to Triund are little easy. These trekking trails in Dharamshala are challenging and full of adventure at the same time very relaxing and tranquillizing and since they pass through sparkling rivulets, tough diverse terrains, steep mountains and dense forests.

Article by W3monks

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